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Yoga for knee pain: 5 yoga poses suggested by Alia Bhatt’s trainer

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Knee pain can hit you at any age and stage of your life. It could be due to obesity, a ligament tear, an injury, ageing or even medical conditions such as arthritis. But you don’t have to suffer knee pain endlessly. With simple lifestyle changes and by incorporating a proper physical routine, you can learn how to manage knee pain. In fact, certain yoga poses for knees can be helpful to cut down the pain.

The first step to manage the knee pain is to stop ignoring it. Just because your knee joint aches, doesn’t mean you should stop exercising. It simply means you should do some exercises which will help you alleviate the condition. Remember that doing the wrong exercise could instead put more burden on the knees. So, let’s find out some right exercises for knee pain.

In a recent Instagram post, celebrity yoga expert Anshuka Parwani, trainer to Bollywood celebrities such as Alia Bhatt and Rakul Preet Singh, shared some yoga asanas to strengthen the knee muscles.

According to the expert, having weak knees disrupt even some of the most basic daily activities such as squatting, running and walking. “Following a regular yoga routine will help to strengthen the knee muscles, improve mobility, flexibility and overall leg strength. It will also make joint movement easier and reduce the chances of knee injuries,” added Anshuka Parwani.

Check out the video right here!

Also, if you have already had a knee injury or underwent a knee surgery, it would be best to check with your doctor or physiotherapist before taking up yoga to manage knee pain.

Try these yoga poses for knee pain

1. Chair Pose

Chair pose, also known as Utkatasana, is a strengthening asana. It is as simple looking as a person on an imaginary chair. But it requires you to engage your legs, hamstrings and quadriceps to an extent.

Learn how to do chair pose for knee pain.

Anshuka Parwani suggests you can start by maintaining the posture for 15 seconds and gradually try to build it upto 2 minutes. Yoga is a slow process, so go slow and steady.

2. Tree pose

The tree pose or Vrikshasana is wonderful to improve balance and stability in a person. It is one of the most popular and simplest standing yoga poses. It looks easy, but can be hard to nail. This yoga asana strengthens the legs. As per experts, you should either tuck one foot below your knee or above the knee. Avoid placing your foot on the knee joint itself.

Start this pose also with 15 seconds and gradually hold it for upto 2 minutes.

Tree pose for knee pain
Tree pose can help you strengthen balance. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Warrior III pose

This is yet another standing posture in yoga. It is focussed on balance and strength. Also known as Virabhadrasana III, this pose is considered great to build a strong foundation for the body.

4. Cow face pose

The cow face pose or Gomukhasana is a winner when it comes to giving your body a good stretch. It is good for knees, hips, hamstrings and even helps to open up the shoulders.

Butterfly pose for knee pain
Flutter the knee pain away with the butterfly pose.! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Butterfly pose

As the name implies, it requires you to flutter your legs like the wings of a butterfly. Known as Bandhakonasana, it gives your inner thighs and muscles a good stretch. It improves knee movement and boosts blood circulation.

Try these yoga poses for knee pain and see the difference it can bring.

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