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Wow! New Ola S1 to cost less than Rs. 80000! Launching in Diwali to tackle Honda Activa

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Ola could be launching a new variant of S1 electric scooter in India this Diwali, priced under Rs. 80000.

After targeting the premium scooter space with the Ola S1 Pro, Ola came up with a more affordable Ola S1 in August 2022. At a starting price of Rs. 1 lakh, the Ola S1 offered most of the high end features as the Ola S1 Pro but with a reduced range. Ola is not stopping here though. During Diwali, Ola could be launching a more affordable version of the Ola S1 scooter and this time, it will tackle the country’s darling scooter – the Honda Activa. Yes, the new variant of the Ola S1 could be priced as low as Rs. 80000!

Based on a tip from our sources, the new Ola S1 could aim for a lower than Rs. 80000 price at launch, thereby undercutting most petrol powered scooters. With this aggressively priced variant, Ola could be looking to make a significant dent in the scooter market, which is still dominated by petrol powered options. Ola is yet to comment on this officially.

New Ola S1 scooter coming this Diwali

It is said that the new version of the Ola S1 will retain most of the features as the S1 variant, and will rely on the Ola’s Move OS platform, which is expected to get another update soon. What remains to be seen is what omissions does Ola make for keeping the prices under control. Compared to the Ola S1 Pro, the Ola S1 loses out on Cruise Control, Hyper mode, lower range and lower top speed. We expect Ola to retain the same powertrain as the Ola S1 but drop the range to about 100 Kms. The cheaper variant of the Ola S1 could also lose out on speakers, reverse parking, and a couple of other smart features to bring down the price.

At this price point, the Ola S1 could tackle the emergence of affordable electric scooters from Okinawa and other homegrown brands. We tested out the Ola S1 Pro earlier this year and were left impressed by its riding manners, the plethora of smart features, the range, and its sheer power.

What remains to be seen is whether this variant of the Ola S1 gets any competition from Ather and TVS, its arch rivals. 


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