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Witchfire Enters Early Access In September

by TopBusinessView

After previously suffering a delay, the dark fantasy shooter Witchfire has a new early access launch date of September 20.

The news comes alongside a new gameplay trailer that premiered during Summer Game Fest, which shows off even more of the game’s occult-themed gunplay. 

Witchfire is being developed by The Astronauts, the team behind The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, and centers on an alternate universe war between powerful witches and the Vatican church, with the player working for the latter to hunt down the former. The gameplay blends first-person shooting with supernatural abilities bestowed by the church. Creative director Adrian Chmielarz explained in an Epic Games blog post that the early access version will focus on fine-tuning gameplay first and foremost, with story elements being introduced over time. 

Witchfire is coming to PC via The Epic Games Store. 

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