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Wild Hearts Free DLC Adds New Monsters And Quests Starting Tomorrow

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Wild Hearts gets its first free content updates this month in the form of new Kemono (the game’s term for monsters), quests, and more. Players won’t have to wait long because the first DLC hits tomorrow, March 10. 

On Friday, the Deeply Volatile Kemono Set adds the Hellfire Laharback creature for players to hunt alongside an accompanying quest and a new skill. On March 23, the Subspecies Kemeno Pack goes live, which introduces the wolf-like Grimstalker plus a new quest and new weapon/armor model. This update also adds more higher-difficulty quests, three new emotes, and three chat stamps.

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Koei Tecmo also confirmed in a Twitter thread that the first update includes unspecified technical fixes too, and plans to share more specifics tomorrow. A tease for April’s DLC offerings teases new Kemeno, Karakuri, and other updates.

Looks like Wild Hearts fans will have plenty to keep them busy in the immediate future, and the (hopefully) performance improvements, whatever they may be, are a welcomed bonus. To learn more about Wild Hearts, you can read our review here

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