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Why Summer House’s Carl Was Hospitalized Before Lindsay Proposal

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Why Carl Radke Was in the Hospital Before Lindsay Hubbard Proposal

Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard
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A scary setback. Carl Radke was sent to the emergency room days before he proposed to Lindsay Hubbard — and the Summer House cameras documented it all.

“We went to a concert … and all of a sudden, [Carl] said, ‘I need to sit down,’” Lindsay, 36, recalled during the Monday, May 1, episode of the Bravo series of the frightening event. “His legs were wobbling and he’s looking at me, [saying], ‘I can’t feel my legs.’”

The former Loverboy vice president of sales, 38, was then taken to the concert’s medical tent before being transported to the hospital.

“They essentially say to me, ‘His blood pressure and his heart rate are so low, so we’re sending him to the ER,’” Lindsay told pal Kyle Cooke during the episode, which was filmed in August 2022, noting that Carl was back home and napping.

Kyle, 40, told the cameras that he was positive Carl’s spell was due to his upcoming proposal to Lindsay which was planned for that weekend.

“He thinks that he just had too much caffeine too much red bull,” the Loverboy founder said of his longtime friend. “I, of course, think there’s probably a lot of other things going on. I know the weekend of Carl’s proposal is upon us because, like, he fainted and he’s in the hospital. He’s freaking out.”

When Carl and Lindsay did arrive in the Hamptons the following day, he detailed the hospital visit for his housemates. “We’re alive. I’m feeling a lot better. I needed the rest. I feel a ton better,” the Pittsburgh native told his friends, pointing out that the doctors said the incident was brought on by “a lot of dehydration, exhaustion, stress.”

He recalled being at the concert and “all of a sudden, I get blurry vision. My knees [were] very weak. I was like, ‘I’m going to fall over.’ I couldn’t stand up.”

Carl later revealed during a confessional: “I panic attacked myself into the hospital. Jesus, Carl, get your s—t together.”

Elsewhere during the episode, the Bravo star, who proposed to Lindsay in August 2022, explained to Kyle that his stress and anxiety over the big moment played a part in his hospitalization. “I’ve been trying to pull off the surprise of a century. There’s definitely some nerves,” Carl said.

The minor setback, however, didn’t keep the TV personality from getting down on one knee, which fans saw play out at the end of Monday’s episode.

“Since the day I met you, seven years ago I knew you were somebody who was going to be special in my life. You’re my person. You’re my best friend. You’re my lover,” Carl gushed to his partner at the beach. “I’m just so excited to build a future with you. My heart’s beating out of my chest right now, I’m so nervous. Lindsay Dale Hubbard, will you marry me?”

The Hubb House PR founder started crying before responding: “A thousand times yes. I love you so much. I’ll marry you a thousand times.”

Summer House airs on Bravo Mondays at 9 p.m. ET.


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