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Was Love Is Blind’s Josh Demas Engaged Before Jackie Romance?

by TopBusinessView

Love on the cutting room floor. Love Is Blind alum Monica Rodriguez revealed that she was part of another unaired season 4 engagement — and fans think her ex-fiancé is Josh Demas.

“Since EVERYONE was given the opportunity to share their stores, I can finally tell mine,” Monica captioned a Monday, April 17, carousel of Instagram photos, which included a snap of her hand with a diamond band on her ring finger.

The reality TV personality — who got minimal screen time on the Netflix show — noted that she went into the experience “ready to find the love of [her] life” after spending “intentional time” working on herself.

She continued: “As my relationships began to develop, I thought I had found somebody who finally saw me and accepted me for me. I accepted his proposal and we were onto the reveal. During the reveal, reality set in and my heart and mind were torn. I wasn’t sure if I had made the right decision or picked the right person. The only thing I did know was that you shouldn’t feel torn on your engagement day.”

Monica revealed that she ended her engagement “shortly after filming” the reveal, which marked the first time she saw her fiancé in person after getting to know him in the pods. Although the teacher didn’t reveal the identity of her ex-fiancé, sleuthing fans were quick to find clues pointing to Josh.

Netflix’s Tudum site posted a list of season 4 couples whose proposals didn’t make it onto the show, naming only Jimmy Forde and Wendi Kong and Ava Van Jenson and JP Schultz. The article neglected to mention Monica, despite her claim that she got engaged while filming the reality series.

After TikTok user @Zoeeeenicole posted a video claiming to be “the person who picks out the rings for Love Is Blind,” eagle-eyed fans were quick to notice something about a photo she shared of the men who got engaged on the show.

“The people who design the rings for Love Is Blind posted a photo of the men who got engaged! Josh was in fact in the picture including the other [men with unaired proposals] Josh and jimmy. Josh and jimmy had articles on who they got engaged [to] but Josh D and Monica did not. So that means Josh is the only option 😂,” one Instagram user commented on Monica’s post. Us Weekly has reached out to Netflix for comment.

Josh, for his part, has not confirmed or denied that he was ever engaged to Monica. The project engineer got screen time during season 4 for his love triangle with Jackelina “Jackie” Bonds and Marshall Glaze.

After making a connection with both Josh and Marshall in the pods, Jackie ultimately accepted a marriage proposal from Marshall. The dental assistant ended the relationship before the pair’s wedding day, later revealing that a comment made by Marshall was the final straw for her.

“There was another comment that he had made, and I’m not gonna go into that because it’s very, very derogatory to a group,” she told Us on Monday, April 17, referencing an unaired conversation between herself and her ex-fiancé. “But, he made that comment and I was just, like, ‘Yeah, I’m cool.’ Once you disrespect me and call me out on my character, as a woman, I’m not standing for that. I’m outta here.”

Marshall addressed the remark in question during the live Love Is Blind season 4 reunion on Sunday, April 16, admitting that he told Jackie, “‘You got a strong jawline. I mean, like, you could’ve been a man for all I know.’”

After Jackie called it quits with the marketing manager, she rekindled her connection with Josh. At the reunion, the duo revealed that they are still together and have been dating for one year.

“This is exactly how it was supposed to happen,” Jackie subsequently told Us of her and Josh ending up together. “I think if me and Josh would have [chosen] each other in the pods, I think, maybe, our story would’ve been a little bit different than how it is now. But to be honest, like, this was already in the motion [and] in the plan because of the Lord above.”

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