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Vaginal itching after oral sex? Here’s how to avoid it

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Vaginal itching can be a common occurrence for many women. It could be due to a skin rash, a yeast infection, use of chemical irritants or even oral sex!

Feeling the itch in your intimate areas can feel intimidating at times. You may not even know how to soothe the irritation. But remember, you can also take preventive measures to avoid vaginal itching and stay on the safer side.

The risk of vaginal infection via oral sex is very much prevalent.

Penetrative sex, as we know, can cause skin irritation due to friction in the case of lack of lubrication. But even in oral sex or in the case of fingering, the sensitive genital area can be susceptible to friction. This can further lead to vaginal itching and redness.

Persistent vaginal itching should not be taken lightly and you must show yourself to a doctor rather than self-medicate.

Safety tips for oral sex
Even oral sex must be practiced safely! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Here are reasons for vaginal itching after oral sex

1. Condom or lubricant allergy

Use of a condom, dental dam or lubricant during oral sex, can lead you to an allergic reaction. Your vagina is a sensitive area, and you must be wary about using products which can cause any irritation.

2. Hygiene issues

Your partner can unknowingly introduce bacteria from the mouth, gums and tongue, to your vulva. It turns out that if your partner has a stomach infection or doesn’t maintain hand hygiene, that also increases your risk of vaginal itching or infection from oral sex.

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How to avoid vaginal itching after oral sex?

According to Dr Swati Gaikwad, Gynecologist, Consultant and Obstetrician at Motherhood Hospital, Pune, here are some tips to help you prevent vaginal itching.

1. Don’t forget to clean up!

Just as you must do after penetrative sex, cleaning yourself up after oral sex is also a must-do! Urinate, and then use lukewarm water to clean up. Avoid using chemical-based vaginal washes! Get some tips here on how to wash your vagina the right way.

Vaginal hygiene
Keep your vagina clean and healthy to avoid vaginal itching. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Moisturize

Dryness can be a major cause behind vaginal itching. So, Dr Gaikwad suggests, one should moisturize the vaginal area regularly. Keep fragrant products out of the intimate area and instead go for natural coconut oil!

3. Practice hand hygiene

Your hands and fingers can carry a lot of germs. Before indulging in any form of sex, it is advisable to wash hands because they inevitably get involved in fondling, fingering or foreplay. As per Dr Gaikwad, it is worth it to avoid having big nails, which can easily transfer infections or bacteria.

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