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Tron: Identity Gets April Release Date In New Gameplay Trailer

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During a Disney and Marvel Games Showcase held last September, Bithell Games, the studio behind games like Thomas Was Alone and John Wick Hex, revealed Tron: Identity

Today, Bithell Games released a new trailer for Tron: Identity, which features official gameplay and an April 11 launch date for both the Switch and PC releases of the upcoming game. Tron: Identity takes place “in a world where Flynn created an Ark, where Flynn created a second grid for them to go to, promising that he’d come back,” according to the game’s director, Mike Bithell. Tron: Identity is a mystery visual novel and you can check it out in action in the new trailer below: 

“Something has been taken,” the trailer’s description reads. “Enter a new Grid and forge alliances via visual novel gameplay, uncovering truths about Identity Disc puzzles. Make critical decisions and plot your own course in a world without a creator.” 

Tron: Identity hits Switch and PC via Steam on April 11.

For more information about the game, read about all the details we’ve learned about it so far

Are you going to play Tron: Identity next month? Let us know in the comments below!

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