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This video conferencing app drifts and mutes your chatty boss; Lets you hit others with asteroids! Check it out

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Mmhmm is a video conferencing app trying to redefine the idea of video conference calls.

Video conferencing calls are dreary – there is no second thought to it. Nobody likes to see talking heads go on for hours, or grey boxes! Hence, one video meeting platform wants to spice things up in a rather childish way, and make these meetings fun. Mmhmm is a new video conferencing platform that simply wants to do one thing – make these meetings interactive and let people have fun while discussing business.

In an interview with The Verge, Phil Libin, the CEO of Mmhmm, says that he wants to make video chats different and fun. Participants can choose from a wide selection of rooms and all of them have very different roles to play. For example, there is a room called OOOsteroids, wherein every participant becomes a triangular asteroid floating around in space, and you can use the Spacebar to simply blast them away.

Mmhmm, we are listening

But why blast people on asteroids? Libin says that instead of waiting awkwardly before the start of a meeting, or trying to make awkward small talk, people can simply play this silly game until the meeting starts.

In the meeting room, participants can also drag an image and everyone can resize it accordingly, or move it around to their advantage.

But there’s another meeting room that many participants will like – the floating copter room. Libin says the idea behind the floating copter room was that if you talk, your face starts drifting upwards, and quiet participants will settle down. It makes it easy for the speaker to ask someone to contribute, or see who says what. However, it also creates a problem for the speaker who speaks a lot. If one of your team member is too chatty, the floaty head will simply drift outside the window and the person will be muted. Why? “…because you really need to just shut up for a little bit.”

If you are interested in trying out this Mmhmm meeting app for your daily office meetings or video presentations, you can try it out for free. The app goes in beta testing for users on mobile, desktop, and web, and it is free to use as well. You can pay if you want to add more people in your calls, or publish the video of the meeting.

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