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The Making Of Mina The Hollower | Video Game Documentary

by TopBusinessView

Earlier this year, I flew to Los Angeles to learn about the making of Mina The Hollower, Yacht Club Games’ new Game Boy Color-inspired follow-up to its wildly popular series, Shovel Knight. But Mina The Hollower was never meant to be the studio’s next game. It was a side project of Yacht Club Games designer Alec Faulkner – one that no one but him knew existed.

After raising over $1.2M on Kickstarter in February, I wanted to learn more about Alec’s journey from intern to game director, how he pitched his “Gothic Prototype” to the Yacht Club, and ultimately, how the team rallied behind him in hopes of delivering another series as prolific as Shovel Knight. The result is a 36-minute documentary covering the making of Mina The Hollower, which you can watch below.

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