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The Best Deals to Shop at the Material Kitchen Birthday Sale

by TopBusinessView

Bon Appétit editors love DTC brand Material Kitchen for its thoughtful approach to cookware design and the durability of its products—which, as a bonus, are universally chic and well-priced. If you’ve been looking to upgrade some of your kitchen essentials, the brand is ringing in their fifth birthday with a sitewide sale. Today through Sunday, March 19th, Material is offering 15% off orders under $125, 20% off orders under $200, and a whopping 25% off orders above $200. Looking for a good place to start? We’ve rounded up some of our editors’ favorite picks from Material down below. If you’ve been waiting to replace old glassware or ceramic dinnerware, have your eyes on a new colorful cutting board, or want to round out your kitchen tool collection with a beautiful peeler or pair of shears, now’s the time.


Chuck those chipped drinking glasses and upgrade to a set that’s as versatile as it is visually stunning. Material’s stackable glassware comes in half and full sizes, both of which are made of thin-but-strong (and dishwasher-safe) borosilicate glass. BA food director Chris Morocco likes the half glass for its “smoky translucent vibe that goes with anything,” and the simple, low-slung shape is stable and feels great in the palm. “It doesn’t seek attention, yet you can’t stop staring at it,” Morocco adds. “I use these glasses for everything since despite being whisper-thin, they don’t feel like they’re going to explode every time I pick one up.”


Material’s reBoard earned a spot on our list of best cutting boards for more reasons than one: It’s made of repurposed sugarcane fiber and upcycled plastic, which means in addition to being lightweight, nonporous, and dishwasher-safe, it’s more sustainable than many other plastic cutting boards. Plus, it comes in two sizes and five fun colors. Cooking and SEO editor Joe Sevier likes his own board so much that he’s now gifted one (“in a color matching their kitchen decor”) to everyone in his family. His generosity comes with an ulterior motive: “I now know there will be a good cutting board when I’m cooking in a family member’s kitchen,” he says. “I still love my wooden cutting board, but the reBoard is definitely the workhorse of the two.”

Material reBoard Cutting Board


Not only do these shears look good (have you seen the gold colorway?), but they’ve got a super-sharp blade and ultra-comfy grip that’ll serve you well no matter the task at hand. Senior commerce editor MacKenzie Chung Fegan likes their minimalist take-apart design because “there aren’t a lot of nooks and crannies where gunk and germs can hide.” Deputy food editor Hana Asbrink puts it simply: “There are kitchen shears and then there are Material kitchen shears. These are not only highly functional, they clean easily, feel good in the hand, and are just about the most aesthetic pair you’ll find without compromising on utility.”


Material’s ceramics selection is an exclusive collaboration with Soil Baker, the Korean studio behind the dinnerware at Atoboy in New York. Fegan is especially fond of the shallow Open Bowl in Grotto for its “dramatic dark glaze that shimmers like the night sky.” This sale is the perfect time to stock up on a full set of ceramic dishware, complete with full and half plates, and bowls in multiple shapes and sizes. According to Fegan, “Material x Soil Baker’s ceramics are lighter and more delicate than, say, East Fork or Heath’s heftier pieces, but they’re still durable enough for everyday use.”

Knife Stand

If your chef’s knife is kicking around loose in a drawer somewhere, it may be time to invest in a knife stand—and there’s no better time than when you can snag a great one at a discount. We love Material’s magnetic stand for its sleek look, beautiful finishes (choose from walnut or white ash), and slim design that won’t take up much precious counter space. It may be compact, but it can hold up to eight knives on each side. “I really like the mid century-modern vibes, its clean lines, and how cool it looks in my kitchen,” says James Beard Award–winning chef Kwame Onwuachi.

The Forever Peeler

We’re team Y-peeler here at BA, and Material’s Forever Peeler is one of our favorites. True to its name, it’s built to last: Unlike most peelers, which usually only have so long a lifetime before their blades dull, the Forever Peeler comes with a replacement blade. “When peeling broccoli stems starts to feel like a chore, just remove the old blade and pop on the new one,” Fegan writes. “Like all Material products, the peeler is well-designed, durable, and at $28, a bargain for the quality.” And today? Even more of a bargain.

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