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‘The Bear’ Season 2 Trailer: The Crew Gets Even More Chaotic

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The Bear’s official Season 2 trailer, released by FX on Monday, is here. In it, The Original Beef of Chicagoland is gone, and Carmy’s new restaurant, The Bear, is just beginning. The show’s last season, which was slightly traumatic and completely unmissable, left us on a cliffhanger: Carmy, played by Jeremy Allen White, had just discovered piles of money hidden in cans of tomatoes by his late brother. He and Sydney (Ayo Edebiri) agree to use it to open up a new restaurant, but what about the debt from that loan from Uncle Jimmy (Oliver Platt)? How will the restaurant come together? Will it even be successful? 

This trailer doesn’t give us any answers, but it does clue us in to what may be the theme for Season 2, out June 22 on Hulu: chaos. Blaring alarms and incessant construction noises score the first opening cuts, during which Carmy and Syd seem to be pitching the restaurant to investors. When Uncle Jimmy finally objects to the noise (“How is that not making you insane?”), Carmy gives him a cool, “I don’t mind it.” It’s almost like this guy…deals with internal chaos and demons with some regularity? Maybe this show is trying to say something.

As the trailer continues, we get a glimpse into a few other challenges the team faces—renovating and opening a restaurant in six months is no small task; to even attempt it is not “confident,” as Carmy quips, not even “cocky,” as Sydney corrects him, but “crazy,” as Sugar (Abby Elliott) says. Sydney and Carmy also seem to be learning to work together to create a menu—or “chaos menu, but thoughtful,” as Carmy describes it—from the ground up. Meanwhile Ebraheim (Edwin Lee Gibson) and Tina (Liza Colón-Zayas), two of the surly but loveable line cooks, seem to be heading to culinary school, and a clip of an awkward interaction between Carmy and an as-yet-unknown character played by Molly Gordon suggests that, yet again, Carmy’s past is coming back to bite him in the ass. It’s also been reported that Bob Odenkirk will pop up at some point as a guest star, but it’s unclear when or where.

The trailer also hints at a few other plot points we could soon learn more about, such as Carmy’s continued journey in grieving his brother’s death, and Sydney’s trouble staffing the new restaurant. Honestly, though, I would be thrilled just to watch Marcus (Lionel Boyce) perfect another pastry recipe—maybe he tries croissants this season? And here’s the thing I most want to know: Where I can find an “Original Berf” shirt? 

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