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Take A First Look At World War Z’s Upcoming Horde Mode XL

by TopBusinessView

World War Z is no stranger to having lots and lots of zombies, but a new mode launching tomorrow somehow stuffs even more undead into the experience with Horde Mode XL. Horde Mode has existed in World War Z for some time, and tasks players with holding down a single location as waves of zombies invade. Horde Mode XL is functionally the same, but now boosts the number of on-screen enemies to 1,000, which is the most the game has ever managed to showcase at one time. You can check out a short gameplay clip of the new mode above, which skips the first few waves to jump right to the final XL horde.

Horde Mode XL is coming for free to World War Z tomorrow, January 24, only on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. You can read our review of World War Z right here.

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