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Sujebi Korean Hand-Torn Noodles Recipe

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If you’ve ever been intimidated by handmade noodles, let sujebi, or Korean hand-torn noodles for soup, be the gentle vote of confidence to assure you that the process is, in fact, quite easy (and fun!). Relying on just your hands, this recipe requires no special equipment and a few simple ingredients you likely already have. Grab a large bowl and get to work. 

This recipe outlines just the right proportions of flour to water to get you going (read more about the magic of a 50% noodle hydration ratio), but listen to your dough: If it’s feeling a bit wet, add a bit more flour; if it’s dry, add a bit more water (just a tablespoon of each at a time). Knead your dough and your daily stresses will melt away. The dough needs at least a 15-minute rest to guarantee that irresistible chew. When hand-tearing sujebi into your soup of choice (may I suggest Spicy Kimchi Sujebi), aim for thin, 1″–2″-long strands for the best textural result.

This recipe is part of Make Your Own Noodles. Check out all of the recipes—plus expert tips, handy guides, and more.


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