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Spiced Double Potato Noodles Recipe

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Made of potato starch, these handmade noodles are very different from homemade wheat-based noodles, such as ramen and udon. Starches contain no gluten, so the raw dough is very supple. When cooked, the potato starch noodles become translucent, bouncy, and rewardingly chewy. They come together quickly—simply mix, knead, and roll. The short noodles are similar in look and texture to Chinese silver needle noodles—known for their short tapered shape (also called rat’s tail noodles in some Asian countries)—and which are often steamed rather than boiled, as I have done here. The stir-fry can be made with any type of large potato; cooked briefly over high heat, even starchy potatoes like russets won’t fall apart. If you’re looking for a shortcut, skip the homemade noodles and serve this potato stir-fry with store-bought sweet potato starch noodles or mung bean vermicelli for a similar stretchy noodle experience. An important note: You need to use potato starch for these noodles, not potato flour.

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