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Sameera Reddy promotes body positivity with this ‘self love’ post

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Sameera Reddy is one celebrity who does not hold back while addressing important issues and talking about them openly. Often highlighting the need of accepting yourself the way you are, she keeps sharing snippets of her life while speaking about important issues. Case in point – body positivity!

When you are a person of a certain stature, and a lot of eyes are on you, there’s a good chance that at some point you will become the target of social media trolls. In this digital age, it is pretty common to insult people as long as you are behind a screen. However, body shaming someone is never okay, regardless of who you are! Despite the fact that this should be the rule of decorum globally, people still troll the appearance of others, especially celebrities.

Sameera Reddy on body positivity
Sameera Reddy promotes body positivity with this ‘self love’ post. Image Courtesy: Instagram/reddysameera

Sameera Reddy calls out body image trolls in the latest post

In a world filled with unrealistic comparisons and beauty standards, it becomes hard to be yourself. While “looking perfect” is the name of the game today, it is “body positivity” where the light should be brighter than anywhere. Often giving a voice to many, Reddy never shies away from sharing her bit to help others love themselves. She is one celebrity who has refused to hide and decided to hit back at her trolls with serious talk!

Recently, the 43-year-old shared a body positivity post on social media, pointing out the common ‘demeaning’ words people used. “I’m done with them,” she says, as she proudly shows off her “thunder thighs, stretch marks, double chin, hump, batwings, jelly belly muffin top” and more. And in our opinion, so should you delete these words from your vocabulary!

This is not the first time Reddy has chosen to share something on body positivity and called out the trolls. In fact, her IG feed is a blessing in disguise for people who are facing these issues and not able to accept themselves for who they are! Using social media as a medium to inspire people, Reddy often shares videos that encourage women to accept themselves the way they are.

Before the journey of self-acceptance self-love

The journey of self-love wasn’t an easy one for the actor. She embarked on her journey of self-love and acceptance after she was shamed by a woman for gaining weight post-pregnancy. She has shared how once the struggle within was taking over her because of the “superficial glam world” she was from.

The disheartening experience of someone pointing out the obvious doesn’t sound unfamiliar, but it sure isn’t something pleasant. In one of her other posts, she shared that the incident shattered her. She opened up about having a “very hard time” when she weighed 105 kg. “I was lost, but that one line shattered me to pieces,” she said in the video. The accompanying caption of the post read, “It’s really hard to live up to the world’s perception of you.”

So, the journey to accepting herself the way she is and advocating body positivity is not something that came naturally to her. She struggled, got trolled, accepted and now wears it like a shining armour on her back. There’s no truth to validation, and the sooner you understand that, the better.

This post is for you if you have been struggling to believe in yourself, or accept yourself for who you are. Stop believing in stereotypical truth that sabotages our idea of reality and find freedom from the facade called “beauty standard”.

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