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‘Return to Amish’ Season 7 Trailer: Rosanna, Johnny Debate Future

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Into the unknown. The cast of Return to Amish is back for another season — and the challenges keep on coming.

In Us Weekly‘s exclusive sneak peek of the season 7 trailer, returning cast member Rosanna Miller details the challenges of her romance with Johnny Detweiler. Rosanna is interested in exploring her options in “the English world,” but Johnny wants her to remain part of the community.

“I just hope that she’s willing to stay Amish for me,” he tells the cameras in a confessional interview. “The Amish, they don’t want us to see the outside world, they don’t want us to get a taste of it.”

'Return to Amish' Stars Meet the 'English World' in Season 7 Trailer

Johnny and Rosanna shopping.

New cast member Kenneth Detweiler, for his part, is hoping to pursue career opportunities outside of the Amish world. “Basketball is not allowed in my community, but I want to be the first Amish college basketball player,” he says in the teaser. “That’s why I’m excited to try the English world.”

Jeremiah Raber, meanwhile, is busy trying to start a family with wife Carmela Raber (née Mendez) while also coping with some alarming revelations in his personal life.

“I left the Amish quite a few years ago and ever since my whole life has been stressful,” the Breaking Amish alum tells the cameras. “Last year, I found out that my real father was probably murdered because of me.”

'Return to Amish' Stars Meet the 'English World' in Season 7 Trailer

Johnny and Rosanna having breakfast.

Jeremiah made his reality TV debut in 2012 when he appeared on Breaking Amish, which followed him and four other castmates as they moved to New York City and decided whether they wanted to remain part of the Amish community or stay in the so-called English world.

As Breaking Amish viewers may remember, Jeremiah wasn’t born into an Amish family. In July 2015, the reality star claimed that he was “taken” from his biological mother at 9 months old and later adopted into an Amish family.

“I never really lived by [their] rules since I knew I wasn’t meant to be Amish,” Jeremiah wrote via Facebook at the time. “Don’t get me wrong they do have good things going on. Then just because I didn’t live up to their expectations my adopted mom looked me straight in the eyes and told me 3 different times she doesn’t know why she adopted me. I haven’t talked to them for more then 10 min in the last 2 1/2 years now nor do I want to.”

Carmela, for her part, is struggling to cope with the fact that costar Sabrina Burkholder is pregnant in the midst of her own attempts to conceive a child. “I was just a little envious because me and Jeremiah are trying to have a baby,” Carmela explains at one point after Sabrina shares her happy news.

Season 7 of Return to Amish premieres on TLC Tuesday, March 14, at 10 p.m. ET.

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