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Potato Frittata Recipe | Bon Appétit

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Inspired by Tanzanian chips mayai, a french-fry-studded omelet commonly eaten for breakfast, this potato frittata recipe (good for any time of day!) skips the fries in favor of thinly shredded russets, shallow-fried until crispy and golden. A quick sauté of onion and garlic brings in even more flavor, while a generous glug of heavy cream in the egg base tilts the filling more toward quiche. A handful of chopped cilantro adds brightness, but you could swap it out for your favorite tender herb or green onions. Serve with sriracha to mimic the acidic, slightly sweet kick of Peptang tomato sauce, a popular Kenyan condiment.

The frittata travels from stovetop to oven, so make sure to use an oven-safe skillet (a cast-iron pan is ideal, but a good nonstick skillet also works). Equally delicious warm as it is room temperature or cold from the fridge, you could make this easy recipe for a brunch with friends, then have a slice later in the evening, no extra work or reheating required.

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