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Potato Chowder Recipe | Bon Appétit

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Just because spring is on the way doesn’t mean you should put your Dutch oven into hibernation. Lean into the warm(er) weather with this one-pot potato chowder recipe that walks the line between creamy and bright.

While winter calls for bowls of fully loaded baked potato soup (with plenty of sharp cheddar cheese, bacon bits, and sour cream), this cozy, lightly creamy soup was designed for spring. It starts with leeks, garlic, and diced potatoes (use baby gold or red potatoes) that get cooked with white wine and vegetable broth until tender. No need to fiddle with a roux; mashing some of the potatoes in the pot thickens the broth nicely. A swirl of Worcestershire sauce grounds the broth with deep umami flavor, while spring peas add pops of sweetness and color to every bite. For an even lighter soup, you can swap out the cream for half-and-half, but we urge you not to use milk, which will make the chowder too watery. If dill isn’t your flavor, you can garnish with green onions, chives, or even crispy shallots.

Looking for something a little different? Try our recipe for Perfectly Creamy Potato Soup for a silky purée, or try a rich potato-corn chowder with bacon and fresh thyme. Looking for more spring soup recipes? Right this way →

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