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Period products: Here are pros and cons of period panties

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You’ve probably seen advertisements for tampons or menstruation cups or heard your friends discussing them. Apart from this, you may have also come across period-proof underwear? Ladies, period panties and underwear are becoming increasingly popular. After all, despite their function as a blood absorption product, they look like regular underwear. Although they might be a fantastic alternative, not everyone is certain of what they are and whether or not using them is safe.

We understand that trying something new can always be tricky and that’s why we’re here to help. Health Shots spoke to Dr Swetha M.P, Consultant – Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, HRBR Layout, Motherhood Hospitals Bengaluru, to find out about the advantages and disadvantages of period panties and if they are a better option to regular sanitary pads or not.

What are period panties?

A relatively new menstrual blood absorption product is a period panty. They are essentially what their name implies—panties that serve as a sanitary pad. They are made to hold the equivalent of two tampons’ worth of blood. They are also washable and reusable, which makes them more economical and environmentally friendly.

Are period panties really hygienic?

There can be multiple inhibitions associated with using period underwear. Dr Swetha says, “Many women are skeptical about trying period underwear because they are not sure about the hygiene levels of period underwear. Contrary to popular belief, these underwear are quite safe and hygienic to use.”

period panties
Period panties are cost-effective and a sustainable menstrual health and hygiene solution. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

How does it work?

There are typically more than three layers in period underwear, which aids in efficient absorption. Invest in high-quality period underwear that completely absorbs menstrual blood and evaporates all moisture. Additionally, it can absorb sweat, vaginal discharge and minor urine leaks.

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How to use period panties?

These can be worn in the same manner as regular underwear.

Dr Swetha says, “You can wear period underwear for about 12 hours in a day. However, it is imperative that you wash it properly post use and make sure it is completely dry before you plan to use it again.”

What are the pros and cons of period panties?

Here are advantages of period panties, according to Dr Swetha:

  • They feel lighter when worn compared to sanitary pads
  • They can also be worn for a longer duration
  • They are ideal for travelling purposes where access to restrooms is limited
  • They are also environment friendly in nature as they can be reused. Sanitary pads on the other hand are synthetic in nature and are detrimental to environmental health.
period panties
Period panties are just like your regular underwear. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Here are disadvantages of period panties:

  • Period panties are also known to help with menstrual cramps whereas some women have complained about increased cramping while using tampons.
  • On the flip side, a period panty may not be ideal in case you have a heavy flow. They can also prove to be expensive as compared to sanitary pads and regular underwear.
  • Period panties do not help with menstrual odour and there are chances that you would smell the same, especially when you are using them for longer hours.

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It is advisable that you once try using a period panty and then see if you would like to go ahead with using it.

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