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Papas Con Rajas Recipe | Bon Appétit

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Tender potatoes and silky poblano chiles mingle in a tangy, rich cream sauce in this Mexican favorite, resulting in a substantive one-pan dish that can be served innumerable ways. Tuck the mixture into tortillas for tacos or burritos. Roll it up inside enchiladas topped with a layer of stretchy, melty mozzarella or queso Chihuahua. Or just eat it all on its own with a knife and fork.

Buttery Yukon Gold potatoes retain their shape after simmering, making them the best spud for papas con rajas, but when it comes to the peppers you have some license. In summer this recipe is a great way to showcase in-season chiles, so if you spot Anaheim peppers, New Mexican green chiles, or even really great-looking green bell peppers, feel free to swap them in. For a more traditional take, grill or broil the chiles until the skins are blistered before peeling and cutting them into strips. Mexican crema is increasingly easy to find in grocery stores, usually in the cheese section; if you can’t get some, we’ve provided a substitute. For a fully vegetarian version, swap the chicken bouillon for vegetable or mushroom bouillon.

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