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Optimus Prime Rolls Into Fortnite’s Latest Season

by TopBusinessView

Since Fortnite’s newest season, Wilds is coming out tomorrow, it was only fitting that we get our first look at it on the Summer Game Fest stage. Featuring rideable raptors, skating on vines, and Optimus Prime, it looks, well, wild. Check out the new trailer below.

Epic has been teasing the new battle pass skins all week. In addition to Optimus Prime, we see people wielding some glowing blue weapons, a Nathan Drake-type, and a new version of Meowscles wearing a Tiger-striped shirt. You can check out all the new skins below.


Wilds is expected to have new weapons, augments, and an updated map. Downtime for the new season will begin on June 9th at 2 AM Eastern, with the updated servers coming back online later that morning.

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