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Love Is Blind’s Micah Slams Zack Goytowski ‘Fame’ Comments

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There for the wrong reasons? Love Is Blind‘s Micah Lussier is calling out costar Zack Goytowski for his treatment of Irina Solomonova during the season 4 reunion.

Micah, 27, opened up to Nick Viall about the dramatic special on the Thursday, April 20, episode of his “Viall Files” podcast — and she had strong words for Zack’s behavior toward his ex. “I don’t know what Zack was on [that] night,” she said. “But it was too much for me.”

The marketing specialist stood up for Irina, 26, whom she formed a close bond with in the pods while filming the Netflix reality dating show. “She was sitting there trying to apologize, whether you think it’s genuine or not,” Micah added. “She’s sitting there, she showed up, she’s doing her best, and it’s, like, dig after dig after dig. And to say that someone’s not there for the right reasons?”

Love Is Blinds Micah Reacts to Zack Goytowski Fame Comments

Micah, Zack Goytowski
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Zack, 32, initially got engaged to Irina before meeting face-to-face. However, the twosome quickly realized during the cast’s trip to Mexico that their relationship wasn’t working out. The attorney moved on with costar Bliss Poureetezadi after reconnecting back in Seattle, and the pair tied the knot during the season finale.

During the heated reunion — which was intended to stream live on Sunday, April 16, but experienced major delays — Zack confronted Irina and argued that she went on the show “to get famous.” Micah, meanwhile, claimed it was the other way around.

“You’ve plugged your Instagram in this finale or this reunion four different times. Who’s here for fame?” she said on the podcast, referring to Zack’s revelation that he had shared “receipts” for fans to view via social media. “You’re the one making all these videos, doing all this stuff. [Irina]’s been on ghost mode for weeks.”

Love Is Blinds Micah Reacts to Zack Goytowski Fame Comments

Irina Solomonova

The former Bachelor, 42, joked, “I don’t know if anyone on this show can really make that accusation [about fame] without having the finger pointed back at them. You’re all on a TV show.”

Micah agreed, adding, “There are other ways to find love. … Be real with yourself. Maybe [fame’s] not why you came, but you’re making it work.”

While Micah ended the season single — she was rejected by fiancé Paul Peden at the altar — she still gained a friend in Irina. The women were called out online for their “mean girl” attitudes as the episodes aired, but they each recognize their faults.

“I think [Irina] was really hurt by the fact that she hurt people,” Micah said. “And I agree with her, I felt the same way. I think there was a lot that was misunderstood and not seen. … What I can take accountability for is being immature and being selfish.”

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