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Japan tourism witnesses tourism recovery after months-long curbs, ET TravelWorld News, ET TravelWorld

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Japan tourism witnesses tourism recovery after months-long curbs

Kyoto is an old city in Japan that is famous for sightseeing and is visited by a number of tourists throughout the year.

However, the tourist footfall in the city shrunk due to the Coronavirus pandemic. However, after months-long curbs, the restrictions for foreign tourists have been eased now.

Recently, a ‘Tourism Expo Japan 2022’ was organised in the city, where travel agencies and local tourism organisations put up their stalls to tell the audiences about their services. The travel and tourism industries of Japan are all set for a revival.

Hiroyuki Takahashi, Chairperson of the Japan Association of Travel Agents, said, “In Japan, there have been reports on the prospect of further easing border measures to accommodate foreigners, including the start of nationwide travel assistance, lifting the ban on accepting individual travellers from overseas, short stay and visa exemption. We would like to make it a symbolic event for the Japanese tourism industry to celebrate its re-start.”

Airlines, transportation companies, travel agencies, hotel companies, and foreign tourist offices are participating to show off their attractions. The travel industry has high expectations for the post-Corona era.

JTB is the biggest travel agency with a 110-year history and has contributed to the Japanese travel industry. It has introduced the charm of Japanese tourism to the world.

The only protocols left for entry are that you must be fully vaccinated with one booster or have a negative PCR test within 72 hours of departure. Virtually all visitors from the US, the rest of Asia, Europe and South America who fulfill those requirements won’t have to quarantine.

Shinya Billy Kurosawa, CEO of JTB Global Marketing and Travel, said that Corona’s trip is very closed-up and paid attention to sustainable tourism. People around the world are interested in sustainable tourism. For example, as you can see here, it’s important to focus on matters like “ECO Friendly” “Cross-culture Understanding” and “Social Construction”. And emphasise sustainability and make sure customers understand it.Through such travel products, we would like to create a trend in which tourists can become familiar with the differences between before and after the Coronavirus. Each region of Japan has a variety of traditional culture, natural, and food cultures, and there are many treasures that make tourists are very familiar with. Next time tourists come to Japan, I hope they will enjoy themselves.

However, it will become important again to show this kind of charm to the world. Instead of creating over tourism, where customers travel only to nominated areas, a fixed form of tourism in which tourists come to each area will be realised if each region makes an effort. It is important that the Japanese government strongly supports such tourism. In addition, as a travel company, we would like to promote this type of tourism by strengthening it.

The global travel industry is looking forward to a business revival. The trip with the new idea is expected to regain foreign tourists by spreading the hidden charm of Japan.

Different airlines, transportation firms, travel agencies, and hotels participated in the exhibition to convey the stories of their services.

The global tourism industry is reviving slowly and steadily after the pandemic crunch.

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