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iOS 16 takes big step towards privacy! Copy-Paste function doesn’t get as secure as THIS

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iOS 16.1 update now lets users give every app the option to allow copy and paste from other apps.

iOS 16 is already one of the more secure mobile operating systems to play with and now, it takes it another step ahead with the iOS 16.1 update. You know how you don’t want some apps to let you or anyone copy any text or image and paste it to other apps; most people want this with banking apps for enhanced privacy. iOS 16 now lets you do something similar, albeit in a different way. With the latest update, you will now be able to restrict the copy-paste function on any app.

With the upcoming iOS 16.1 update, Apple will now give users more granular controls over the copy-paste functionality. For every app, you will now be able to allow or limit copy-paste functions. You can let the app ask you permission every time you want to paste content from other apps. You can also allow it permanently, or you can deny it; it majorly depends on the user now. If the permission is denied, you won’t be able to paste any content into the app.

iOS 16 takes big step towards privacy

The feature has rolled out to the latest beta version of iOS 16.1 and is expected to make it to the final release. Hence, when the iOS 16.1 update rolls out to more users in the upcoming weeks, you will be able to restrict the paste function from other apps.

At the moment, the user case for this granular control seems limited – most users may do it for the banking apps, wherein you can restrict copy pasting passwords from other apps such as notes and documents.

Other than that, the bigger features with iOS 16.1 consist of the Live Tracking feature with delivery apps. This will be a big deal if you use your online food delivery and shopping apps frequently. The battery meter functionality is also coming to more iPhone models, especially on all the models that were left out last time – it consists of iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 11 and iPhone XR.

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