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How to Draw A Chick Easily

by devin
Baby Chick Drawing

How to Draw A Chick. If you have a cute animal, the only way to make it cuter is to have a baby version! This is the case with chickens.

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Chickens are cute, but that cuteness takes it up a notch when dealing with a chick.

It’s difficult not to be beaten over by one of these adorable fluffy little creatures, and many people enjoy recreating these adorable ones by learning to draw a chick.

If you love these cute little birds, this will be a tutorial you will want to see.

How to Draw A Chick

Step 1

This first step of our tutorial on drawing a chick starts by outlining the head of this little bird.

We’ll use curved lines connecting the sides of the head to make it nice and fluffy.

So for the top of the head, we’re going to use curved lines with pointed tips across the face. The face is blank for now, but we’ll be adding some face details very soon.

When all these elements are drawn, we can proceed to the second step of the guide.

Step 2

We will add some facial details for the second part of this chick drawing. The eyes for the chick will be quite large, as this only adds to the cuteness of the picture!

You can draw these as two large oval shapes, each with smaller ovals inside the outline for the pupils.

Next, add some small curved shapes to the outer contour of the eyes to make cute lashes.

Next, we draw the beak of the chick. This beak is drawn with a few more curved lines to give the chick’s face a nice smiling expression.

Step 3

With the head ready, we can now work on the outline of the body in this third step of our tutorial on drawing a chick.

We will use slightly curved and irregular lines for this body outline to give the feathers a nice fluffy look.

The top half of the body thickens slightly and tapers as you move down. Make sure to add a little wing on the side of the body too!

Then in the next step, we can finish the leg outline.

Step 4

Before we add some final details to complete this chick drawing, we will first add some legs for the little guy.

The legs are fairly short and slightly angled, and long toes stick out of the ends. Each finger also has a small, pointed nail at the end.

That’s all there is to this step, and in the next, we’ll focus on adding some minor texture details to make this adorable chick look even better!

Then you can bring it to life by coloring your creation in the final step of the guide.

Step 5

You have completed the outline of this image in the previous step, and in this fifth step of our guide, we will complete the finishing touches and details.

Draw A Baby Chick

These details will be quite small and simple, but they will go a long way in making this image more dynamic.

We added some jagged, curvy lines in this chick’s body to make the feathers look softer and fluffier.

When you’ve finished your image, you can add even more detail! A fun thing to do when you’re finishing a drawing is to add a background.

You can create a fun farm background or create a unique environment! How do you complete this beautiful picture?

Step 6

In real life, chicks can be many different colors, but most commonly, they are found bright yellow.

Baby Chick Drawing

That’s what we were looking for in our sample image for this chick design, and if you like this classic color scheme, you can refer to it to help!

We also used some nice bright oranges for the chick’s beak and legs to finish it off.

We used different light and dark shades of these colors for both the feathers and these elements to create depth and texture.

Your Chick Drawing is Finished!

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