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Gurugram police record 60 cyber crime complaints in JUST 20 days! Alert!

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Cybercrime cases are on the rise as Gurugram police has registered 60 cases in just 20 days.

Cybercriminals are working hard to dupe innocent people and the attempts have only increased in the recent times. In a new report, it is said that the Gurugram police has registered around 60 cybercriminal cases in the first 20 days of January 2023. The criminals are simply using screen mirroring apps and services to get through with their criminal activity and then vanishing into thin air. The police have issued a warning for the general public that should help them stay away from such cheats and frauds.

DCP Upasana in the report says that criminals are making use of the several screen sharing apps already installed on devices provided by IT companies and on mobile phones. IT companies use screen sharing apps like Anydesk, team viewer, TechSupport, etc to remotely access their mobile devices for IT support if employees take the option to work from home. The criminals are simply relying on these apps to commit cyber frauds.

Gurugram police warn public of cybercrime

“60 such cyber complaints have been received since the start of this year. Cyber criminals first collect information related to victim by using various social sites like LinkedIn app, Facebook etc,” the DCP said.

“Then, call the victim (known as phishing) by providing technical support in name of KYC update, electricity bill update, credit card or debit card details update, Aadhaar card update etc and ask them to install screen sharing apps in their phones. As soon as the app is installed cyber criminals get access to the victim’s device and thereby dupe money from their payment wallets and net banking apps,” she added.

The police has issued an advisory to let people know of some preventive measures such as not to download any suspicious app on any device., especially when someone unknown on the phone asks you to do so. The DCP says that before giving remote access to anyone, one should always verify the caller, even if it is related to Tech Support.

“Do not click on any hyperlink (blue text) in SMS. Immediately press aeroplane mode on the mobile and immediately report any cyber fraud on 1930 or hyperlink: http://www.cybercrime.gov.in”www.cybercrime.gov.in,” the DCP added.

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