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Everything New In Bayonetta 3: Exclusive Cover Story Breakdown

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Bayonetta 3 retains the over-the-top spectacle of its predecessors, but Platinum Games isn’t resting on the series’ laurels. The game introduces several big additions, quite literally in some cases, to the game’s already winning formula, and you can check them out in this exclusive gameplay video. 

Before we jump on what’s new, the core of Bayonetta 3’s combat remains the same, so veterans will find it easy to slip back into the fun dance of chaining combos, peppering foes with gunfire, unleashing torture attacks, and split-second dodging to trigger the time-slowing Witch Time effect. However, one of Bayonetta’s new tricks is Demon Masquerade. Weapons are now imbued with the power of Bayonetta’s many Infernal Demons. Madama Butterfly is tied to her pistols, and Gomorrah powers the powerful G-Pillar. Equipping these demonic arms alters Bayonetta’s combat style and also influences her Beast Within transformation. For example, Gomorrah turns Bayonetta into a bestial version of herself capable of leaping long distances and shredding foes to ribbons with her claws. 

Demon Slave serves as an evolution of Climax Summons. Summoning your demonic partner gives you direct control of them to lay waste to enemies. Demons have unique special powers; for example, Madama Butterfly can blow kisses to charm foes into fighting with you. However, Bayonetta is vulnerable while using Demon Slave, and the power also drains your magic meter, so use it wisely. If your demons take too much punishment, Demon Rampage causes them to break free of your control and indiscriminately attack everyone and everything on the field. 

Bayonetta 3 features larger, more intricate levels with new environmental puzzles and secrets. Some of these obstacles can only be overcome by tapping into your demonic abilities. Side activities such as challenge rooms and chasing familiars for their Umbran tears also return. As you’ll see in the video, one interesting puzzle involve rewinding time to carefully arrange debris from a fallen building to serve as jumping platforms. This also appears to transform Bayonetta into a much younger version of herself. 

Platinum has also reworked Bayonetta 3’s progression. Embryos, fragments dropped by slain Homonguili, serve as the game’s new primary currency. You can spend these at the Gates of Hell to unlock consumables, accessories, and upgrade items. Halos are still present but are now a rare prize that unlocks secret rewards. You’ll also earn Orbs, used to unlock abilities in the game’s new skill trees. 

Thanks for watching, and stay tuned to the Game Informer YouTube channel for more exclusive Bayonetta 3 videos in the coming days. Be sure also to visit the Bayonetta 3 cover story hub by clicking the banner below to read our supplementary online features. 

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