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Creamy Sesame Pasta Slaw Recipe

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This is a twist on not one but two (!) picnic classics: tangy coleslaw and creamy pasta salad. The nutty sauce is inspired by Japanese goma (sesame seed) dressing, punctuated by zingy buttermilk. Even if your sesame seeds are labeled “toasted,” they can still benefit from another quick toast in a skillet to wake up their flavor—drawing out the deep aromas of the sesame seeds will really make or break this dressing. Lean on the pre-shredded coleslaw mix to save time and knife work. Best enjoyed cold, this hybrid is great on its own or paired with whatever you happen to pull off the grill. I love mini farfalle here, but your favorite small pasta will work fine; whatever shape you choose, I would recommend cooking the pasta until done (and not al dente), per the package instructions. 


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