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Bleeding after masturbation? A gynaecologist tells you what to do

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With time and awareness, masturbation has sort of found inroads into mainstream discussions. Blame it on increased access to the Internet or the uninhibited portrayal of self-pleasure in popular web shows or films. But we can’t ignore the reality that many young girls and boys too, turn to masturbation to explore their body. While they may rarely open up about it, there can be situations that masturbation can lead you to a doctor’s doorstep! One such instance could be bleeding after masturbation.

To be simply described, masturbation involves sexual stimulation of one’s own private parts for sexual arousal or other sexual pleasure.One may involve the use of fingers or even objects including sex toys.

If you’re a woman who has experienced bleeding after masturbation, please know that it’s better to be safe than sorry. Visiting a doctor would be better than weighing your fear of being judged.

Dr Jayshree Sunder, Senior Gynaecologist, Madhukar Rainbow Hospital, tells Health Shots, “Since girls have become very aware, they do come to doctors when they have doubts about these practices. The important thing as a clinician, especially as a gynaecologist, we should practice, is not being judgmental. Give a patient a chance to share their apprehensions and dilemmas.”

There are several questions related to masturbation that a girl may have. And this may especially be true because most girls have been conditioned to believe that self-pleasure may be a sin. Thanks to sexual health influencers on the social media universe, the narrative is now all about how ‘self-pleasure is power’. Plus there are health benefits of masturbation!

If you still need some convincing, check out this video to know why masturbating is not all that bad!

Still, girls may want to know if masturbating is safe, what are the best practices to masturbate, right products to use and frequency of masturbation, among other things. Today, we’re focussing on bleeding after masturbation.

Causes of bleeding after masturbation

According to Dr Sunder, the causes of bleeding after masturbation can be;

* A scratch inside the vagina
* Friction, especially if there is dryness and usage of objects It is important the vagina is kept soft and adequate lubrication is used.
* Bleeding can also be due to stretching of hymen
* Coincidental spotting in between periods and infection in vagina and cervix

Make lubricant your best friend
Make lubricant your best friend. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

What to do if you bleed after masturbating?

Like we said, don’t be shy and consult a doctor! “A girl should contact her gynaecologist if bleeding is heavy, doesn’t stop, is associated with pain or foul smelling discharge,” warns Dr Sunder.

Immediate action would be taken to facilitate prevention of bleeding and avertion of infection. But a doctor’s job doesn’t end there.

She asserts that doctors should create awareness around safe masturbation. Some masturbation tips she suggests include;

* Washing hands or sexual toys before masturbating
* Using condoms or gloves, trimming nails or not using sharp sex toys
* Use of lubricants is advisable to avoid friction
* Use this consultation to talk about safe sex and vaccines available for preventing cancers as girls are more receptive at this stage.

So, dear girls. If you wish to self-explore, go ahead. Just do it with the right awareness to avoid bleeding after masturbation and other likely complications.

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