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A man just refused to profit from this shocking Zomato food scam

by TopBusinessView

A man has just exposed a Zomato food delivery scam that he chose not to profit by.

You must have heard about all kinds of online scams including emails scams, social media scams, banking scams and more. Well, now you can learn all about an online food scam. A man has exposed a food delivery scam at Zomato that virtually came knocking on his door. The user of the Zomato food delivery app revealed an amazing food delivery scam. Vinay Sati, an entrepreneur, in his LinkedIn post shared his experience of getting an offer from a Zomato delivery boy to pay a minuscule amount for food that was worth at least a thousand rupees. The man said that he got “goosebumps” as soon as he realised what was happening at Zomato.

“Yesterday I ordered some burger king burgers from Zomato. And I had also made the online payment. And as soon as the delivery boy came after 30-40 minutes, he told me that sir, don’t pay online next time,” Sati said in the post. When he asked the reason behind this, the delivery boy replied that when he next ordered food worth Rs. 700-800 through COD (cash on delivery) he will only have to pay Rs. 200-Rs. 300 for it.

“I will show it to Zomato that you have not taken the food but will also give you the food you ordered,” Vinay Sati quoted Zomato delivery boy as saying.

The delivery boy said that he would tell Zomato the food was not taken, even though he had delivered it. And for Zomato that food will come in the category of wastage and it will have to bear the loss.

After this strange encounter, Vinay Sati said he had two choices – either profit from this scam and enjoy the offer by the Zomato delivery boy or expose this scam. “And Being an entrepreneur, I chose the second option,” Sati said.

Sati also posed a question to Deepinder Goyal, founder and CEO of Zomato, “Now don’t say that you don’t even know that this is happening?”

He even questioned Goyal’s team, “And if even after knowing all this, you are not able to solve it So what are your #IIM guys doing?”

Goyal chose not to ignore the question and instead replied, “Aware of this. Working to plug the loopholes.”

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