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59 Grilling Recipes to Keep You Out in the Sunshine

by TopBusinessView

There’s no better time of the year than summer to get outside and stay outside. Maximize the daylight hours with these grill recipes, which prove that almost any food can be improved by the char and smoke of an open fire. Because a simple cast-iron sear just can’t replicate the allure of flame-licked pork chops or flaky halibut, complete with picture-perfect grill marks.

These recipes aren’t just for carnivores: We’ve got plenty of vegetarian and vegan options, including charred broccoli salad and the easiest veggie burger (that doesn’t fall apart as soon as it hits the grates). Whether you’re looking for whole grilled fish, perfect corn on the cob, or tropical skewers, these smoky, charred recipe ideas will set you up for success. Grilling season won’t last forever, so light the charcoal, dust off your favorite tools, and get outside. But before you start, learn how to deep-clean your grill from our friends at Epicurious.

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