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53 Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas Better Than Any Bargain Bouquet

by TopBusinessView


Put down the scented candle. Turn away from the fancy bubble bath. A homemade Mother’s Day brunch is what your mom really wants on her special day…probably—you know her better than we do. But, what says “thank you” better than feeding the hand that’s been feeding you, well, forever? (Keep in mind it’s also helpful to say “thank you.” Out loud. A lot.)

Our best Mother’s Day brunch ideas will guide you in the right direction, whether she has a sweet tooth—think giant blueberry pancake, Instagram-famous croissants, or a beautiful Bundt cake—or a craving for the savory (i.e. a full-on meat-carving station). For more Mother’s Day brunch recipes fit for your favorite lady, read on—and, please, don’t forget to do the dishes.


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