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53 Easter Side Dishes That Play Second to No One

by TopBusinessView

Ham and lamb get the attention, but we all know the truth: Your Easter menu is not complete without a selection of Easter side dishes. What’s a holiday meal without buns, casseroles, an array of veggies, and at least three potato recipes? Just another weeknight dinner is the answer. The spring-y, delicious, perfect side dishes are what make this celebratory supper An Event.

Speaking of which, we’ve got Easter dinner ideas (a.k.a. mains to support the cavalcade of sides), Easter dessert recipes, Easter brunch recipes, and plenty more spring dinner ideas in case you don’t find what you’re looking for in any of those places. But back to the sides: Below we’ve rounded up our best Easter side dishes for you, your family and friends, and maybe the Easter Bunny too.

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