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5 delicious ways to include anjeer in your diet

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Ayurveda promotes the inclusion of anjeer or figs in everyday diet because of its many science-backed health benefits. We suggest some ways with which you can easily include anjeer in your diet.

You might have seen tall trees of anjeer in your neighborhood from which these fruits keep falling down and create a huge mess, but they are pretty efficient when it comes to cleaning the mess in our bodies. This fruit, which looks like an onion from the outside, is sweet, juicy and succulent. It has a soft fleshy texture with some small seeds that are edible and add some crunchiness.

Anjeer is known to be great for our digestive system as it helps to treat constipation, piles and other such digestive problems. It cleans up our digestive tract and eases digestion. Health benefits of anjeer also include controlling blood pressure, aiding in weight loss because of its high fiber content and also controls your blood sugar levels making it great for diabetics.

anjeer is good for constipation
Troubled by constipation? Have anjeer everyday to treat the problem. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

It is recommended to eat anjeer first thing in the morning on an empty stomach by including it in your breakfast. Having 2-3 figs per day is good enough. We are here with some delicious ways to include anjeer in your everyday diet.

Here is how to eat anjeer to enjoy its umpteen health benefits:

1. Have it like any other fruit

You can just buy some fresh anjeers, chop them and just have 2-3 pieces first thing in the morning. The fruit is high in soluble fiber which promotes weight loss by keeping you fuller for a long period of time. Dried anjeer is available throughout the year but they are higher in sugar content and calories, so avoid dried anjeer if you are on a weight loss journey. Dried anjeer needs to be soaked overnight.

how to eat anjeer
Fresh figs are great for you! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Have anjeer with milk

You can boil 1-2 anjeer pieces in milk and you have made yourself an immunity boosting drink. Anjeer with the added benefit of milk helps in building your stamina and immunity which in turn helps your body fight off viruses. You can have this warm milk at night and it will help you sleep better.

anjeer milk benefits
Make your glass of milk more delicious and healthy with anjeer. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Make sweets with anjeer

Anjeer can be a healthy replacement of sugar in all your desserts. And its texture allows you to make desserts like halwa, pudding, jams and pies. You can also make cakes, muffins or barfi with anjeer which will be a diabetic and weight loss friendly dessert.

4. Add it to your breakfast cereal

Cereal is one of the quickest and simplest ways to have a healthy breakfast. Now, adding some nuts, fruits and anjeer to your bowl of cereal, muesli or oats will increase the nutritional value of your breakfast. Just chop 1-2 anjeer into your cereal and you are good to go!

5. Anjeer salad

You can add some dried figs to your salad dressing which will give some water content to your dry salad while adding some crunchiness at the same time. You can have a fulfilling lunch by having a bowl of anjeer salad!

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