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47 Dinner Ideas for Two for a Romantic Night In

by TopBusinessView

Whether you’re cooking for a long-time partner, a first date, or an “it’s complicated,” these dinner ideas for two are sure to spark lively conversation—and maybe even a little romance. Because in our books, there’s nothing sexier than sharing a plate of pappardelle, lady-and-the-tramp–style. Sure, some of these recipes are a little extra; date night is a great time to take on a more elaborate culinary project (and finally use that pizza stone you got last December). But we’re not suggesting that you have to poach a live lobster to impress your beaux (if you want to, though, we’ve got a recipe for that). This collection also includes easy dinner ideas for two, like better-than-takeout sheet pan orange tofu and one-skillet Thai chicken thighs. No matter what’s on the table, you might as well make it look nice: Iron the tablecloth, light the candles, and queue up that mood-setting playlist (we know you have one). With an at-home date night this classy, you may never fight over what’s for dinner again.

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