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31 Asparagus Recipes That’ll Put a Spring in Your Step

by TopBusinessView

Don’t let spring pass you by without making at least one of our best asparagus recipes. These dishes are weeknight dinner champions, from a showy asparagus frittata to our simplest roasted asparagus. Of course, you can cook the little green spears to perfection in just about any application. Try grilling, steaming, or baking—with so many ways to cook a bunch of asparagus, you’ll never get bored.

Many asparagus recipes require minimal prep time and even less cleanup—often, all you have to do is chop off their woody ends. For even less waste, slice those tough ends of the asparagus thin and toss them into your next asparagus stir-fry—add them to the pan first, along with any alliums in the recipe, so they have time to soften. Ready to cook asparagus all season long? Us too.

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