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18 Noodle and Pasta Salad Recipes That’ll Win You the Potluck

by TopBusinessView

While pasta salads are an any-time-of-the-year meal, they’re especially exciting in the summer. Cold noodle and pasta salad recipes have your back through the season, from potlucks, barbecues, and quick-assembly lunches, to those evenings when it’s just too warm to imagine the stove being on any longer than it takes to boil a box of spaghetti or soba.

Those beloved mayonnaise-laden bowls of macaroni have their esteemed place at the cookout. But these recipes, like Niçoise-inspired Hot-Smoked Salmon Noodle Salad and Jammy Pepper Pasta Salad showcase the best of spring and summer produce with crisp, vibrant veggies and light, bright dressings to keep things refreshing. So grab some sunscreen and give these recipes a go. There’s a noodle and pasta for every occasion.

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