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16 Spoon Salads for When a Fork Feels Like Too Much

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What even are spoon salads? Fair question. Spoon salads are salads in which the ingredients are small enough to begin with or are chopped into bitsy, easily scoopable pieces. They can be swept up effortlessly by your spoon, and it’s the laid-back way to enjoy grains, vegetables, fruits, proteins, and all your favorite salad fixings.

No more stabbing large lettuce leaves with a fork, hoping they don’t fall off and leave a trail of dressing on your new white pants. Spoonable salad recipes allow you to swoop up all the drippy dressing and pools of vinaigrette swimming on the bottom of your plate.

Better yet, while many salads with delicate greens will quickly wilt, spoon salads are often made with heartier ingredients that can withstand a multiday stint in the fridge, making them great for meal prep. Ladle up some corn, plum, and farro salad with a tangy nuoc cham, texture-packed raw broccoli and sticky dates with ras-el-hanout, or smoky tofu larb that features a mouth-puckering lime dressing. Consider this list a love letter to the spoon, no more forking around.


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